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ThymeThyme (Thymus, labiatae)
There are many varieties of thyme of various species, they're all small (some tiny) evergreen herbs with very small aromatic leaves, an extremely widely used herb
TomatoTomato (Lycopersicon lycopersicum, solanaceae)
An import from South America the tomato, a member of the deadly nightshade was thought to be poisonous until relatively recently in the UK. There are many varieties of tomato, some will grow quite happily outside in the UK whilst others need the protection of a polytunnel or greenhouse. The main subdivisions are determinate (bush tomatos) and indeterminate (cordon varieties) types, cordon varieties need to be pinced out or stopped when they reach the required height.
Tomato FeedA liquid feed high in Potash formulated specially for tomatoes but also useful for aubergines, chillis, and peppers.
Top FruitAny fruit that grows on trees
TrainingTraining refers to methods of growing fruit trees and bushes in restricted forms, there are many methods including: Cordon Espalier Pyramid Fan Standard If you're considering planting fruit in your garden it's well worth getting a book on fruit cultivation or pruning to see how it could work for you.
TrussA bunch of fruit e.g. tomatoes
Violet Root RotThe most serious disease of asparagus, in affected plants the roots will be covered with a purpleish mould and the leaves turn yellow and die. Affected plants should be isolated by a plastic membrane in the soil, in heavy infestations you should start a new bed in a different place from scratch. Do not plant root vegetables in the infected plot for at least 3 years.
WisleyRHS Gardens in Surrey, with a good fruit section and model vegetable garden, well worth a visit. The RHS runs other gardens including Rosemoor in Devon, Harlow Carr in Yorkshire, and Hyde Hall in Essex.
YarrowYarrow (Achillea millefolium Compositae)
Also known as Milfoil Yarrow is a tall (up to 1m) perennial herb that spreads by rhizomes, with downy stems, soft aromatic leaves and large heads of white (sometimes tinged pink) flowers. The leaves have a peppery flavour and can be used finely chopped in salads, leaves and flowers are both used to flavour liqeurs. It has many medicinal properties but should be avoided during pregnancy
ZucchiniSee Courgette

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