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Know how
Using up leftover scraps.

Little Knitted Pumpkins

Give your crafting a seasonal Halloween edge with sally_in_wales Little Knitted Pumpkins


Fairycake Bath Fizzies

Add some fizz to your stocking with sally_in_wales delicious Fairycake Bath Fizzies.


Sewing for knitting

Keep all your knitting essentials organised and tidy with Cathryn's knitting needle roll. You will never need to search the back of the sofa for that errant needle again.


A darn too far: quilts made from old jeans

Don't throw those care worn jeans away. Give them a new lease of life with Cathryn's patchwork quilt.


How to Rebatch Soap

Take a bland soap and experiment with texture, scent and colour with this easy to follow method from sally_in_wales.


Peach Jam

Preserve the taste of Summer for the Winter Months with Green Rosie's scrumptious Peach Jam


Cooking a Pig's Head

No need to be daunted by using up everything but the oink with this great article by Colour It Green: Cooking a Pig's Head


Winter Spiced Jelly

Use up the Autumn cooking apple windfall with gardening-girl's delicious Winter Spiced Jelly


Mixed rice with chickpeas, raisins & herbs

Give simple rice the wow factor with Jamanda's mixed rice with chickpeas, raisins & herbs


What to do with an egg glut

What to do with an egg glut emergency. Solve your conundrum with Nell Merionwen's article.