Shropshire Smallholders Group

Written by Paddington Bear

You donít have to live in Shropshire to join the Shropshire Smallholders Group!

We have members who live in Cheshire, Staffordshire, Powys and the West Midlands. We are a lively, broad mix of people, having various amounts of land from a garden to several acres. Some of us keep chickens, maybe a few sheep or a couple of pigs, and others donít keep any stock at all.

What we do all have in common is an interest in livestock and growing things as well as in the countryside and everything to do with it, and it is this interest that we try to reflect in our annual programme of talks and events.

We meet monthly at Leebotwood Village Hall (appx. 11 miles south of Shrewsbury) except for July & August when we have visits to farms or walks followed, sometimes, by pub meals. Future talks include:

  • Veterinary Acupuncture

  • Chickens

  • Growing veg successfully

  • Green wood working

  • Photography

Courses, e.g. fruit tree pruning, and trips to events, such as The Smallholders Show, are also arranged.

Our annual subscription is £20 per holding or £15 for an individual. The subscription covers free attendance at the meetings and a monthly Newsletter. Courses are charged extra, the amount varying per course.

Prospective members are always welcome at any meeting to get to know us before deciding whether to join.

Contact Paddington Bear on this site or Mel Gregory on 01588 640538 or by email at