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Spotlight on downsizer member 12Bore

written by Nell Merionwen

Every month the spotlight will shine upon a different member of downsizer, and show how the site has touched their lives.

1. Name and/or username

12Bore, aka Joe

2. Location

What was once a charming little village on the banks of the tidal Mersey, to the west of Warrington, until someone decided to build a dual carriage way through the middle of it, stick the country's second largest coal fired power station on the edge of it and build 7000 houses, there's progress for you! Fortunately, despite the Borough Council's planned neglect, we still have some great countryside and walks around us.

3. Could you tell us how you make a living?

Currently unemployed, not for the want of trying to get work. Funny thing is that I'm actually busier than when I worked, can't work out how I did as much as I did and worked 45 hours a week!

4. Could you tell us a little something about your home?

Remember what I said about building 7000 houses in the village? Well ours is one of them. 1966 Barrett design semi, more a box to live in than a home, but it has an extended kitchen which gives me more room to experiment. One thing we have done is to get cavity wall insulation and additional loft insulation. I was gobsmacked to get it for free and it's made an enormous improvement to comfort and reduced fuel bills. I'd urge everyone to take a look at the Energy Savings Trust website. We have a small but South facing garden so I grow some veg, salad and soft fruit.

5. How did you find

I stumbled across DS one evening when searching t' interweb for something, I can't remember what now, but it sort of struck a chord and you've been stuck with me ever since.

6. Has downsizer inspired a life change?

Not so much inspired as encouraged and nurtured what was already lurking in the background. I have become far more interested in the origins and sustainability of foods and now use far more locally sourced and ethically produced produce.

7. What is your main objective to maintain a sustainable life?

To do as little damage to the planet as I can. I can't go and live in a cave, but I can reduce my personal impact in terms of carbon footprint, sustainable food, oil use etc. – and hopefully encourage others to do the same.

8. Does downsizer help you achieve this?

Yes, I've become more aware of things I can, and should not, do.

9. Which parts of downsizer do you visit most often (not including forum)?

Probably the recipe database.

10. Which parts of the forum do you visit most often?

I use Latest Posts as my default start point.

11. Do you feel there is room for improvement with you own downsizing, and if so how will you implement this?

There is, and always will be, room for improvement...

12. Has downsizer led to any new hobbies and/or skills?

es, particularly in the kitchen. I have also been able to pass on many of the tips I have picked up from here.

13. Have you attended any skill shares or gatherings? If so did you learn anything?

Sadly not, but one day...

14. Have you felt you have shared skills already known to yourself?

I wouldn't say skills as such, but I have made the (sometimes very) odd suggestion.

15. Do you have any anecdotes of stories relating to downsizer you would like to share?


16. How do you feel the site is most helpful/inspirational?

By acting as a repository/share centre for peoples' experiences and ideas.

17. Have you made any "real life" friends or colleagues via downsizer?

Yes, part of the appeal of downsizer is the “genuineness” (if there is such a word) and generosity of the members. I don't live near many, if any, DS members, but I've visited a few and had a few call in, some have even sampled my cooking and lived to tell the tale! I'm always impressed by the resourcefulness and experiences of DS members, no matter what the question or problem, someone will have an answer, it's a bit like an on-line manual for life.

Next month's spotlight will be upon member Pilsbury.