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Livestock (Poultry, Bees, Sheep etc)

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FinishedUsed to describe an animal fattened and ready for slaughter
FlushingThis is the raising of nutrition levels in ewes prior to mating in order to boost the chances of conception and succesful lambing.
FlyblownA fleece that is full of blow fly eggs.
FootrotA bacterial disease of sheep, encouraged by wet conditions
GadflyA blood sucking insect which parasitises livestock in the summer months.
GranulationHoney which changes from a liquid state to a solid or creamy solid state
HeiferA cow older than 1 year which has not yet calved.
HoggettA yearling lamb, i.e. a lamb of either sex that is over 1 year old therefore too old to be defined as lamb. Also referred to variously as Hog, Hogg and Hoggerel. Said by aficianados to have a far superior flavour to lamb.
MoultChickens lose all their feathers naturally in the autumn, these are gradually replaced by a new set. Some may go almost bald overnight, they'll all drop disconcerting quantities of perfectly good looking feathers all over the place. The reasons for the moult are variously reported to be - putting on a good thick coat for the winter, and putting on the Ritz for the spring mating frenzy! Either way, birds will probably look and sound a bit sorry for themselves while moulting and it's more important than ever to look after them with good food and good shelter - even though they won't be laying any eggs at this time.
Nucleus(pl nuclei) - a three or four frame stock of bees
Out ApiaryAn apiary sited away from home
Pig nutsNo, not pig testicles but a preformulated pig feed available from animal feed suppliers.
PipingHigh pitched sound made by a virgin queen bee
Point of LaySometimes abbreviated as POL, refers to hens that can be expected to start producing eggs in the next few weeks. A hen generally starts to lay at about 20 weeks, POL hens on sale may be anything from 15 weeks old
PollenColoured dust on the anthers of flowers which is their male element. Pollen mixed with honey is bee bread for young bee larvae, supplying the protein necessary for good health
PollinationThe action of the bee in transferring pollen from one flower to another to pollinate or fertilise
Porter bee escapeA device to allow bees to pass one way only; used to clear honey supers
PullettA female chicken
Queen ExcluderA slotted sheet permitting the passage of worker bees only and not the queen or drones
Re-queeningGiving a new queen to a queenless stock
RobbingThe act of one stock of bees stealing the honey from another stock
ScourThe general name given to diarrhoea in livestock, can be caused by various factors.
SkepA straw or reed basket beehive
SmokerA fire box with bellows in which a roll of corrugated paper, rotten wood or old sacking slowly burns to produce smoke used to control or subdue bees
SteerA castrated bull of more than a year old.

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