Spotlight on downsizer member Pilsbury

written by Nell Merionwen

Every month the spotlight will shine upon a different member of downsizer, and show how the site has touched their lives.

1. Name and/or username

Pilsbury, or in real life Tony

2. Location

East London Essex border

3. Could you tell us how you make a living?

I am a chef manager in a nursing home

4. Could you tell us a little something about your home?

I live in a 3 bed terraced house in outer London with a messy garden.

5. How did you find

I came over from River Cottage at the time of its melt down.

6. Has downsizer inspired a life change?

I have always tried to live with minimal impact and grown some bits and pieces each year, but downsizer has given me a wealth of experience and advice on tap as I try to reduce my impact even more.

7. What is your main objective to maintain a sustainable life?

I hope, in part to leave a world that is slightly better for my son to inherit, and to teach him to do the same, so that each generation maintains a sustainable life.

8. Does downsizer help you achieve this?

Definitely, as I learn more ways to reduce my impact, and to make small but noticeable changes all the time.

9. Which parts of downsizer do you visit most often (not including forum)?

Probably recipes, I usually access them on my phone at work if I'm looking for a cake recipe I remember someone posting.

10. Which parts of the forum do you visit most often?

I tend to use the latest post function so I can make sure I keep up with all the lively topics and debates.

11. Do you feel there is room for improvement with you own downsizing, and if so how will you implement this?

Definitely, this year I am aiming to use less diesel than I did last year, that's going well so far. I'm also looking at a small solar panel linked to a battery just for charging mobiles and gadgets rather than using fossil fuel manufactured energy.

12. Has downsizer led to any new hobbies and/or skills?

It has certainly encouraged me to have a go, but as of yet work and a young child take up all my time. In a few years I hope to get a chance to try out some of the things I have read about.

13. Have you attended any skill shares or gatherings? If so did you learn anything?

I have been to a couple and thoroughly enjoyed meeting other Downsizers, but I don't think I have spent enough time at them to fully benefit.

14. Have you felt you have shared skills already known to yourself?

Unfortunately I don't think I have been able to pass on any of my skills yet, but hope to have the chance in the future.

15. Do you have any anecdotes of stories relating to downsizer you would like to share?

A few years ago I took my mother-in-law for a holiday in Devon and Alison and Debbie collaborated with me to make it possible for her to meet piglets, lambs and chicks, which was amazing for a city girl through and through. I would love to thank Bodger for helping me dispatch my first chicken, and let me take it away for my freshest roast chicken in my life.

16. How do you feel the site is most helpful/inspirational?

Downsizer is full of people at all stages of their journey to a more sustainable life; from people like myself, city dwelling and just trying to shave a bit off my power usage, to people living off grid and almost self sufficient, and it shows that by taking small steps along the road you get there in the end. Every thing you do, no matter how small you think it is, is encouraged and welcomed on Downsizer.

17. Have you made any "real life" friends or colleagues via downsizer?

I certainly have, I have had the privilege of meeting quite a few Downsizers and they have all been welcoming and friendly. I have holidayed in their homes and welcomed them into mine and meet up for a curry every few months with another. They have provided tea, coffee and cakes on the breaks on long journeys as well as teaching me skills one to one, for which I thank them all.

Next month's spotlight will fall upon Hairyloon.