Threshing Barn Festive Wreath

Written by Mochyn

Here are Mochyn's keenly-awaited instructions for creating a festive wreath.

Yesterday I went to a workshop lead by Janet Phillips from the Threshing Barn. She taught us to make these:

You will need:

Hessian, 17" x 34"

Fleece for stuffing rags in colours of your choice (not too thick)

Ornament (optional)


Sewing machine
- Proggy hook or latch hook

Double the hessian. Mark two concentric circles, the outer about 15" diameter and the inner about 12" diameter, leaving a border around the outer one. DO NOT CUT OUT THE CENTRE.

Zigzag stitch each layer separately right at the edge for about 8". This stay stitching will stabilize the cut edge while you are stuffing the ring. Zigzag twice around the outer circle leaving a gap of about 4" inside the stay stitching. Zigzag twice around the inner circle.

Stuff the ring using fleece or whatever you have to hand. The stuffing needs to be quite firm, so put in a little at a time and pushing it round using a blunt instrument such as a pencil. When it is full sew up the gap firmly.

Cut the rags into strips of about 3" by 3/4": you'll need a lot!

Using the hook pull each strip through the hessian, taking care not to pull stuffing through with it. Each strip will be left half on each side of the hole you've made. Create areas of fabric randomly over the surface of the ring. This will create an even covering of colours in case you run out of any. Fill in between these areas so the whole surface is covered.

Attach any ornament you like to the front: a bow, a flower, a bunch of nuts or cinnamon.

Firmly sew a loop to the back of the top of the ring. Trim the outer edge of the hessian and very carefully cut out the centre.

Hang it on your door!