Why Guinea fowl?

Written by bodillymill

Ok your sitting there in your bathroom/WC and a face pokes his head round your un-obscured window (because your remote) at 5am in the morning. 1. He is not supposed to be there 2. He is 'casing the house' for a burglary and 3. If I'd have seen them /him coming I might have easily shot at them!

Not the done thing apparently nowadays as it can cause serious mental health problems for persons of this habit and cause stress for him and his family and make them require special care and allowances in the community. Being the kind soul that I am to avoid causing stress to these poor unfortunates we install a burgler alarm plus a sound blaster so my neighbours in the surrounding farms know that if we are not there they drop their 5 ton muck trailers into my very long drive entrance to prevent these poor unfortunates re-escape into the community while plod comes down and rounds them them up all very gently.

Alls well and good and health and safety everywhere raised by this good citizen...My wife and i then sit back realising that as good citizens we have spent lots of money in protecting these poor unfortunates..

What else could we do.... we searched the twitter net and tada!!

Guinea fowl. And we have never looked back

These birds are excellent burglar and predator alarms and keep the bugs off your precious garden flowers and vegetables. They do not scratch out like chickens and they mob anything and anyone who should not be there...incl charlie the fox...... though they are taking a risk there but hey that's what the .2250 is for ...

If your having trouble with predators of any kind in remote areas including the two foot breed get some, you wont look back or regret it. They are normally quiet little busy bodies that will warn you noisily of anything out of the ordinary. they make a noise like a kalasnikov in an oil barrel when in full song and are like nothing else you have heard. They if hand fed are very faithful. They are raptors so eat bugs in the main so apart from a little turkey food daily they feed and look after themselves. Those of you who want to know more contact me nd I'll send you some links or supply you with the key info you need.

I can even supply keets now as they are prolific little nesters...though not good sitters and I have incubated quite few to distribute this year.

They are also excellent for Game keeping as they teach pheasants to roost off the ground...