Ten Quid for a Chicken?

Written by sean

Ten quid seems, or can seem like a lot of money for a chicken. But if you use it properly...

We bought a chicken. About 2.5kg including giblets.

On Saturday we roasted it:

On Sunday we had chicken sandwiches for lunch whilst gathering mussels:

And made stock:

On Monday we used the stock to make smoked cheese risotto:

On Tuesday we made a chicken pie which provided dinner for a couple of days:

Then made a vat of soup:

And froze some stock. So that's protein for a family of three for a week with a bit left over for a tenner. Not that difficult really is it?

Extra stuff you might like to know:

The giblets were boiled up to make stock for the gravy and then fed to the dog. It's also worth freezing the liver until you've got enough for pate or crostini, pots of frozen chicken livers are not from happy chickens.

Advice about roasting a chicken can be found here and here.

Instructions for making pastry can be found here. There isn't really a recipe for the pie. It's 'some' chicken and 'some' fried bacon in a mustardy white sauce. You could add 'some' mushrooms or 'some' leeks if you wished.

Soup: umm, sweat some chopped veg in butter (I used onion, spud, PSB and carrot because they were what I had.). Add stock, bring to boil. Simmer until soft. Liquidise. Serve with bits of crisped bacon and a splosh of cream.

Any other questions would be best addressed by asking them on our forum.