Quick Easy Scarves

Written by bloomeenee

bloomeenee shows you how to make a quick, simple and funky stripy scarf...

These vertical-stripe sideways scarves are really quick, but look really effective.

For some reason, its much quicker to knit a few really long rows than lots of shorter ones. These scarves only take me a couple of hours, and I'm not a fast knitter by anyone's standards!

Because they only use very basic stitches, they're a good beginner project too, and changing the yarn keeps them interesting.

You will need:

A chunky, long, circular needle: I used an 8mm, but anything from 7mm to 10mm would probably give you the same effect.

Oddments of yarn in co-ordinating colours and different thicknesses and textures.


1.Cast on between 150 and 200 stitches
2.Join new yarn (leave a long tail, this will be the fringe of your finished scarf), and knit across whole row
3.Repeat row 2 until scarf is desired width.
4.Cast off loosely.


I only use yarn where the recommended needle size is smaller than the needles I'm using – anything too chunky and you lose the open effect.

Although a scarf in varying shades will still be pretty, its mixing textures that really makes these good. Try to include some fuzzy yarn, and some ribbon/tape type yarn if you can, as well as different thicknesses of plain yarn.

If you're giving these as gifts, you may want to include washing instructions, especially if you are including natural fibre yarns. Anything with wool or mohair will probably turn into felt if it's put in the washing machine!


For wider stripes, knit two or more rows in each yarn instead of just one. (the brown/beige scarf was made this way, the purple one has stripes of varying widths)

Because of the multiple textures, stitch patterns won't really show, but for a more open, lacy effect, you can wrap the yarn twice round the needle on some rows, knitting into only one of the loops on the next row. This gives an elongated stitch.

There are instructions of how to do this stitch here: http://www.knittinghelp.com/apps/flash/video_player/play/139/1

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