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Spotlight on downsizer member Tavascarow

written by Nell Merionwen

Every month the spotlight will shine upon a different member of downsizer, and show how the site has touched their lives.





3. Location

Rural South Cornwall.

4. Could you tell us how do you make a living?

I call myself 'self unemployed'. I truth, I keep busy but earn very little money.

The five acre smallholding I run is split between poultry, allotments (that I let) & grazing that is also let to local horse owners.

I sell eggs & home grown fruit & veg locally, & a little jobbing gardening.

5. Could you tell us a little something about your home?

A renovated cottage that is in dire need of a spring clean.

6. How did you find

I used to post on another forum, but found the politics there a little conservative & not as accepting of those that want to live an alternative lifestyle. So searched the internet & found Downsizer.

7. Has inspired a life change?

I wouldn't say it has. I think my direction was already set before I found Downsizer, but the knowledge on DS & the encouragement of other members has helped & inspired.

Wanting to live your life different to the norm can be a lonely line to tread. The community spirit here on DS, knowing there are many others trying to live their lives in a similar way elsewhere in the world, & being able to interact with them is priceless.

8. What is your main objective to maintain a sustainable life?

To earn a little more money so I can implement changes & new ventures sooner than is possible at the moment.

9. Does help you achieve this?

See my answer to Q6.

10. Which parts of do you visit most often? (not including the forum)

Articles, but not that often, usually only when they are linked in forum posts.

11. Which parts of the forum do you visit most often?

I browse.

12. Do you feel there is room for improvement with you own downsizing and if so how will you implement this?

There is always room for improvement.

I need to spend less time on the internet & daydreaming, & more on implementing my plans.

13. Has led to any new hobbies and/or skills?

Yes. Foraging & about to start vermiculture on a moderate scale to produce worm casts for my veg plots & surplus worms to feed my chooks.

14. Have you attended any skill shares or gatherings? If so did you learn anything?

No I haven't.

Being single, having livestock & canine responsibilities, & totally dependent on my bicycle as a means of transport limits my ability to attend.

One thing I feel would be good is smaller more local get togethers.

15. Have you felt you have shared skills already known to yourself?

I hope I have.

16. Do you have any anecdotes or stories relating to downsizer you would like to share?

Can't think of any off hand, but DS makes me smile, laugh & have to clean my keyboard on many occasions.

17. How do you feel the site is most helpful/inspirational?

Again see my answer to Q6.

18. Have you made any "real life" friends or colleagues via downsizer?

If real life means meet in person then only one or two who live locally to me but I consider many of my online friends on DS to be as 'real'.

Next month's spotlight will be upon member Mochyn.