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Mincemeat by Northern Lad

Written by Northern Lad

this, like most Christmas foods, is best prepared in advance and allowed to mature.


16oz apples
8oz suet (vegetarian is OK)
12oz sultanas
12oz raisins
12oz currants
12oz soft brown sugar
2oz chopped almonds
4tsp mixed spice
0.5tsp cinnamon
0.5tsp nutmeg
Rind + juice of 2 oranges and 2 lemons
3(ish)tbsp brandy


It's all really rather easy.

Chop up the peeled and cored apple into small pieces the size of currents or raisins and mix all the ingredients, except the brandy, in a large bowl.

Leave it all for a day, covered with clingfilm. This starts off the fermentation.

Transfer the contents into an overproof dish and place in oven @ 120C for 3 hours, covered loosly with foil.

You will then have a dark sticky mass. Allow it to cool slightly and add the brandy. If your hand slips at this point then don't worry - it'll help to keep it for longer.

I store it in half-litre La Parfait jars, of which you'll need 3. You can always use jam jars or any other air-tight container - it just looks nicer in clear jars.

Any problems?  Head for the forum to ask for advice or suggestions on what to do with your mincemeat!