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You are here: Home arrow Articles arrow Cooking, preserving and home brewing arrow Making a simple cider/wine press


Making a simple cider/wine press

Written by Blacksmith

Downsizer's resident blacksmith (and cider connoisseur!) Dave Goddard (username Blacksmith) goes through the process of constructing your own press for making wine and cider.

This press is based on a design featured in the “Smallholder” magazine September 2000.

The press comprises four main elements, the frame, the screw assembly, the basket and the tray.


Cider press frame

The frame can be made from any suitable 4”x 2” prepared timber, pine or green oak being the most popular. The drawing shows the construction and basic dimensions.

The frame is held together with M12 coach bolts, the end stabilisers are held on with M10 coach screws.<

Cider press screw assembly

This assembly comprises a threaded bar, nut, attachment plate, pressure plate and tommy bar. A suitable screw is available from Axminster power tools (details in parts list). To attach this to the frame an adaptor plate is required.


Cider press basket and tray

The basket is made from hardwood strips and three metal bands (stainless steel is best but painted mild steel does the job). Held together with short woodscrews, this assembly contains the chopped apples (wrapped in an old net curtain); the gaps allow the juice to run into the tray. Any tray may be used, but bearing in mind the force being applied from above it will need to be fairly substantial, at least 30mm thick base, the sides can be thinner, an angular hole drilled to take a short length of plastic hose completes the job.



Cider press parts list

For the frame

4” X 2” prepared timber.
4 @ 530 mm top and bottom rails.
2 @ 630 mm Uprights.
2 @ 400 mm End stabilisers
8 off. M 12 X 150 mm plated coach bolts nuts and washers.
8 off. M 10 X 100 mm plated coach screws. <

For the screw assembly

Tail vice screw. 535 mm pt no. HV510
Adaptor plate. 145 x 80 x 6 ms plate drilled to take nut & mounting screws.*
Pressure plate. 80 x 80 x 6 MS plate with welded guide boss.*
Plunger. A disc cut from ply-wood, at least 30mm thick to suit the internal diameter of your basket.


3 off. Welded steel rings 250 mm diameter, drilled and countersunk.*
17 off. hardwood strips 300 x 40 x10


A metal tray on a base or a plywood one. 15 mm thick
2 @ 280 x 280 x 15 (glued together) for the base.
2 @ 280 x 70 x 15 for the sides.
2 @ 310 x 70 x 15 for the front and back.

*Any engineering firm should be able to make these for you, or if you wish I can supply - email me at

Picture key:

Picture 1. The completed press.

Picture 2. Close up of the basket.

Picture 3. The screw, adaptor plate and pressure plate.

Drawing 1. Construction.

Dave Goddard's site is at